Dougy cooking on an open fire in London

Dougy cooking on an open fire in London

Our ethos

Embr is dedicated to using ethically sourced and healthy ingredients. We create exciting base dishes from seasonal British ingredients, pickling fermenting and roasting them to maximise the diversity of health benefits and taste. We prepare our ingredients minimising waste and are working with suppliers and waste disposable to maximise the compostability of all food and non food waste reducing landfill. We cook all our meat over charcoal and a lot of our veg. Charcoal cooking is a healthy way of cooking meat as it renders a lot of fat out and doesn’t require the use of lots of oils. Our charcoal comes from sustainably managed British woodland and recycled sawmill by-products and is Defra approved, supplied by the London log co.

Our suppliers share our passion

All our meat is ethically sourced from high welfare farms and game suppliers. Our farmed meat comes from native breed all year grazing livestock. Our suppliers not only provide the best life for their livestock, they ensure best practices of grazing promote species rich wild habitats and pastureland. Game is healthy, ethical and environmentally friendly. It is wild, natural and free range with low fat and cholesterol but high in protein. The deer population in the UK is in a boom, being higher than recorded in over 1000 years. This is primarily caused by the lack of natural predators and in turn causing loss of habitation for many nesting birds and loss of species diversity. Many non profit organisation are working together and have created the Deer Initiative that provide the guidelines for the most effective and humane deer management systems to ensure the delivery of a sustainable, well managed wild deer population in England and Wales. The Game Alliance Game assurance scheme ensures the provenance of our feathered game meets rigorous and ethical standards.

More info

For further information on the health and environmental benefits of eating meat from correctly managed grazing and game please see: