Our Chef

Dougy was originally training in Stem cell research, then he realised his real passion lay in cooking for others. First port of call was Ballymaloe cookery school, Ireland. Here he developed a good grounding in base principals and reinforced appreciation of seasonality, game and sustainability, further strengthened by becoming a private chef in lodges in Scotland.

Five years ago he was firmly plunged into the world of fire and even deeper into game, spending three years at Hunter Gather Cook, Sussex. Leaving there to go into events catering, he has found himself specialising in outdoor banquets cooked over live fire. Now he is bringing this back to the city.

Our food

Embr is dedicated to using ethically sourced ingredients to create delicious and healthy dishes. We use a variety of techniques to extract the best flavours and textures of our ingredients while minimising waste. By pickling and fermenting as well as roasting our veg we extend the season, and maximise the diversity of health benefits and taste.

When we aren’t* pickling or fermenting our veg we use charcoal to cook it. Whether this be ‘in’, ‘under’ or ‘on’ you get such an amazing rounded flavour with smoky depths, that I don’t know how I was satisfied before. It isn’t just our veg that gets the charcoal treatment but obviously our sustainable meats. Again roasting our meat with charcoal isn’t limited to ‘above’ we sometimes cook ‘Dirty’** too. Charcoal cooking isn’t just about the amazing smoky roasted flavour it is also and incredibly healthy way of cooking meat as it not only renders fat out but doesn’t require the use of extra fats to fry or roast.

*Actually we sometimes cook with charcoal then pickle as well, its amazing.

** Dirty cooking is nicer than it sounds, this is when we roast veg or meat directly in the coals.