Freshly cooked healthy grab and go

EmBr (“On Log Fire”) Kitchen

Embr kitchen is a new grab and go restaurant in London. It has its roots in Brazilian and Scandinavian cooking techniques with a loyalty to British meat and vegetables.

EMBR’s first restaurant is coming soon so sign up or order on Deliveroo now!

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Dougy Robertson

Our Chef

Dougy was originally training in Stem cell research, then he realised his real passion was in cooking for others. First port of call was Ballymaloe cookery school, Ireland. Here he got a good grounding in the principals and reinforced appreciation of seasonality, game and sustainability, further strengthened by becoming a private chef in lodges in Scotland.

Five years ago he was firmly plunged into the world of fire and even deeper into game, spending three years at Hunter Gather Cook. Leaving there to go into events catering, he has found himself specialising in outdoor banquets cooked over live fire. Now he is bringing this back to the city.

Our food

Fresh, Healthy, Local - It’s not what you normally get for lunch but it is what we bring to the table every day. With a commitment to the finest animals, fish and veg, we will be serving up daily specials and the best of British on our open fire.


our mission

To give you the best of british produce, using the most exciting international techniques in a quick and delicious format - Grab and go has finally got delicious